Who we are

The Bapuna Group is a business house based out of Central India, with diverse concerns primarily split between Nagpur (Maharashtra) and Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh).

Having humble beginnings, the Group today has become one of the largest manufacturers of Grain Neutral Sprit, Extra Neutral Alcohol & Rectified Spirit in Central India. The Group also produces and bottles its own brands of alcoholic beverages, which are today well accepted and strongly entrenched in the market. Apart from its own brands, the Group bottles popular brands for some of the world’s largest liquor conglomerates such as Pernod Ricard, United Spirits, Radico Khaitan and Allied Blenders & Distillers.

Over the years, the Group has diversified into various other ventures, including production of ice-cream and other dairy products, as also furniture and artefacts, amongst others.

The Bapuna Family, headed by its patriarch Late Dinshaw F. Bapuna, under whom it grew to be greatly respected, has become one of the most established business families of Nagpur. It has a chequered history of decades in the alcohol industry, beginning with trading and gradually moving into manufacturing of alcohol.

Today the Group can profess to be one of the finest distillers and brewers in the country, led at the helm by three sons of the Late Dinshaw F. Bapuna, viz., Aspi Bapuna, Abad Bapuna & Adil Bapuna. The Bapuna Group believes in the adage ‘Work is Worship’, and maintains a low profile despite its large portfolio of operation.


Mr. Aspi Bapuna – Group Chairman

Having a vast experience in the family field of business, Aspi Bapuna’s determination and enthusiasm, has held sway over the entire Group, recording a steady rise in the business ladder over the years.


Mr. Abad Bapuna – Group Vice Chairman

Renowned for his astute business skills, Abad Bapuna takes an active interest in the running of the various group companies.


Mr. Adil Bapuna – Group Managing Director

Well respected in the business community and especially renowned in Madhya Pradesh, Adil Bapuna heads the operations of the Group’s interests in Gwalior.