Gwalior Alcobrew Pvt. Ltd. Distillers, Blenders & Bottlers

Gwalior Alcobrew Pvt. Ltd. (GAPL) is the flagship company of the Bapuna Group.

GAPL’s distillery is situated at Gwalior District, Madhya Pradesh. GAPL is inter alia engaged in the manufacture of Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol from grain and molasses. At the time of its installation, GAPL was the largest plant for producing grain based spirits in the country and was the first distillery in the state of Madhya Pradesh to produce grain based spirits. Today, GAPL is the largest producer of spirit in Madhya Pradesh.

In addition to producing and bottling its own brands, which are today well accepted and strongly entrenched in the market, GAPL also bottles popular brands for industry leaders like Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd., United Spirits Ltd., Radico Khaitan Ltd. and Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd.

The company has a long standing reputation in the industry for abiding by uncompromising levels of business ethics and providing quality products.

  • Brands
  • President Whiskey
    President Whiskey

    Meant for a true leader, this whiskey gives it a smooth and superior flavour.

    Pure Gold Whiskey
    Pure Gold Whiskey

    A whiskey true to its name. Right from the warm glow of gold in its colour, to its heady aroma, to the smooth mellow taste, Pure Gold Whiskey is made in the true traditions of great whiskey manufacturers. On the rocks in a tumbler, Pure Gold is a truly immersive whiskey.

  • Pure Gold Rum
    Pure Gold Rum

    Full-bodied and strong to the core. Pure Gold Rum lands its weight to make a pleasurable evening memorable.

    imperial falcon
    Imperial Falcon Whiskey

    Essentially majestic, Imperial Falcon is a whiskey with true character and fine taste.

  • Lady Di Vodka
    Lady Di Vodka

    Smoothly blends with mixers of all kinds to give the youth of today what they desire.

    Lady Di Gin
    Lady Di Gin, Gin with Fresh Lime & Gin with Orange

    An exemplary gin. A ‘propah’ blend of charm and character. Popular among the young and the young at heart.

  • 24 carat rum whiskygin
    24 Carat Whiskey, XXX Rum & Extra Dry Gin

    Another budget product by GAPL making strides in the market.

    Silver Jet
    Silver Jet Whiskey, Rum, Dry Gin & Jet Tango (Gin with Orange Punch)

    Silver Jet is currently the lead brand of GAPL. This economic range brand has significant recognition in the market for delivering a quality product with superior taste, at economic prices.

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